If you run a service based business, implimenting lineAPP is simply a smart business decision.WHY?... BECAUSE YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL ...



Built with Today’s tech
SAVVY consumer in mind

lineAPP is just a better way to wait. Think of it as waiting…Refined.

With any service-based business, be it a restaurant, retail store, repair shop, golf course and everything in between, long stagnant wait times don’t bode well for establishing happy clientele and repeat business. With today’s consumer it takes a more creative service approach to keep them happy and engaged.

With the lineAPP guest management solution, your customers can actually ENJOY their wait time. Free to spend it wherever and however THEY choose. Checking them in and getting them back takes only a tap of a finger. Plus, there is no software or hardware to manage, and its super easy for everyone use.
That’s putting technology to work for you. That’s customer service…REFINED!

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Stand Out From The Crowd

“me too” just isn’t good enough anymore. lineAPP sets YOU apart.

stand out froom the crowd

When competition is fierce, it's crucial to stand out from the crowd. Rather than providing the same old, traditionally poor
service for waiting customers, why not take a small extra step to truly separate yourself from the herd.

lineAPP establishes your business as a leader…a first, something different enough that people pay attention to and
remember. With lineAPP, in the first 10 seconds of interaction you’ve already done more than 99% of your competition.
That’s the type of service that makes you truly memorable. That’s what makes people talk about your business and
encourage others to give it a try.


reduce cost

lineAPP shows you care about the TOTAL customer experience.

stand out froom the crowd
Start your customer engagement off on the right foot

Studies have revealed the value customers place on getting the process for service started. Even if that start is a simple
check-in, they feel much better knowing they're underway.

lineAPP gets your customers checked in and the process started. Kicking off your engagement with the customer on a very positive, happy note. If there is a wait involved, lineAPP allows your customers to enjoy their wait time; free to spend it wherever and however they choose.

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stand out froom the crowd
Give your customers access to special discounts and prizes

Every lineAPP check-in screen contains special “share your screen to redeem” discounts and promotions. Plus, all lineAPP subscribers receive a monthly email containing additional special offers. Your customers now get maximum value, both while they’re visiting your business and well after they have left. Significantly adding to the customers overall experience of service.

For your business, you now have exposure to every lineAPP user, every month. Not just your own lineAPP customers, but all lineAPP customers. With thousands of new users joining every year, that's a ton of additional exposure to your brand and your business.

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stand out froom the crowd
Take your customer’s time as seriously as you take their money

It’s a simple fact. Success often means you’re usually very busy. But even someone waiting for the best product in town won’t
wait around forever. That is, unless you actually acknowledge the long wait time and act proactively to help ease some of the
pain your popularity can cause.

By letting them enjoy their wait, lineAPP shows you’re putting technology to work to help better recognize the time your
customers are giving you. Automated messages also keep your clients up to date as they wait. Another key piece to keeping
them happy and properly serviced.

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reduce cost

lineAPP has a DIRECT IMPACT on revenue during each and every customer visit.

stand out froom the crowd
Take control over customer word of mouth

If you’re using paper lists, pagers or a text based notification system you have no access or insight into customer word of mouth.

With lineAPP you’re in control. Every lineAPP check-in automatically executes postings on various social media platforms such
as Facebook and Twitter. That’s a ton of free word of mouth advertising, which has been proven to generate more than twice the
sales of paid advertising. Why? Friends trust friends more than they will trust ads. They’re also much more likely to have similar
likes and tastes. Plus, friends not only listen to recommendations, they act on them too. Leading to more customers arriving
daily at your door.

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stand out froom the crowd
Increase your share of wallet

Studies have proven that happy customers spend on average 40% more per visit and are 75% more likely to return for an
additional visit. Studies have also shown that if customers are serviced in a good mood it ’s easy to keep them happy.
However, if for some small reason they become disgruntled, such as feeling neglected, it’s virtually impossible to turn
them around to being happy again, no matter how great the service.

lineAPP makes your customers happier and much more willing to spend freely. With lineAPP your customers
immediately feel preferentially treated; via smooth check-ins, enjoyable wait times and access to special offers. This
makes them happy from the beginning of each visit, happy during the visit and very happy to return for additional visits.

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stand out froom the crowd
Avoid losing potential customers

Sure, being busy is great. But situations such as a busy service area can actually scare potential customers away. And if
it happens more than once, it can scare them away for good.

With lineAPP, the check-in process is fast and efficient, allowing your guests to leave the check-in area and wait
wherever they choose. So even when you are super-busy, you always have an easy and open flow into your service
check-in area. Keeping potential customers happy and fully accessible. Keeping you busy even longer!

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reduce cost

lineAPP makes you SMARTER and more EFFICEINT.

stand out froom the crowd
Capture your customer

Chances are, when a customer visits your establishment, you currently have little or no ability to capture their personal
information, little or no ability to contact them in the future and little or no promotional exposure to their friends, family or acquaintances.

lineAPP gives you the ability to capture the identity and demographics of each and every customer and gives you ongoing
access to their changing data patterns. As a result, you better understand your customer base. Able to focus your promotional campaigns on only those topics and/or areas that effectively resonate with your specific customer demographics.

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stand out froom the crowd
Promote more accurately

Traditional print-based promotional campaigns yield at best a response rate in the 2-4% range. Studies have shown that digital based promotions, such as on-screen mobile coupons, result in response rates closer to the 45% range.

lineAPP gives you the ability to offer on-screen mobile promotions that can be fully customized to suit your marketing needs and easily updated to adapt to your customer or location specific needs. This means less money spent on high cost, low-result campaigns. With the money you do spend being used on more effective, high-result digital based promotions.

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stand out froom the crowd
Spend less on operations

Most customer service management systems used today are high cost, hardware intensive systems that require ongoing
upgrade and maintenance fees. They are also complex to operate and require substantial initial and ongoing training.

lineAPP is a software as a service (SaaS) based system, so there’s no software to download or hardware to purchase or install.
That means you’re always running on the latest and most up to date version and there are no additional upgrade or maintenance
costs. Plus, it’s super easy to use. Designed with one-touch operations; the training needed is minimal and very easy.

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